If you didn’t already know, I’m running a CONSTRUCTION DISCOUNT on all kettlebell classes and personal training at Simple Strength & Fitness until the gym is finished!

I absolutely LOVE what’s going on at my gym!  I don’t know about all of you, but I totally totally love home improvements!  Since I moved to Denver, I’ve painted almost every room in the house. I know some people despise painting and I guess I understand that.  It’s tedious, it’s time consuming, and you generally get paint in your hair.  Well, I do anyway.  But I just LOVE transformation.  Maybe that’s partly why I LOVE fitness training so much and especially kettlebell training. You see people transform.  You see their bodies change, but the best for me is when I notice a major mental shift.  Kettlebell classes become less of a workout and more of a treat. Physical exertion becomes less of a chore and more something they look forward to and miss when it’s not there.

Did I mention I’m running a CONSTRUCTION DISCOUNT until the gym is finished?

I digress…. Back to my home gym! I love love love the progress. My husband is an engineer and works at a desk most of the week. He loves his work, but he also has been really enjoying putting his tool-belt on every weekend and doing the hard labor. He spent some summers in high school and college doing this kind of work- we call it his “Man Work”.  I consider myself anything but the typical housewife, but while he’s working away at framing the walls, putting in wiring for all of the electrical outlets, drywalling and using his big power tools, I make all the meals and make sure all of his favorite foods are waiting for him. It’s nice for both of us.

So, I’m running a CONSTRUCTION DISCOUNT as an incentive for both of us to do what we need to do to get the gym finished!

It’s so great to see the actual physical transformation of the space, I wanted all of you to see how far we’ve come.  We have a couple things left to finish, but I’m really excited about what we’ve done so far!


Kettlebell Gym Remodeling

June 2011 - Troy framing the first wall

June 2011 - First Wall

July 2011 - Troy attempting to teach Theron. Theron wants to ride his longboard. I can see it in his posture...

Water Heater & Furnace in the middle of the room - NOT feng shui!

The only thing we hired someone to do - worth every penny!

December 2011 - Framing the Windows

Dec 2011 - The rest of the framing

January 2012 - Drywall!

Thank you, Ty, for your Help! (and for posing for the photo!)

The Kettlebells hung out in the middle of the room during construction

January 2012 - New Color Scheme for the space - Splatter Painted on the floor!

2012 - Kettlebells & Drywall

Stay tuned for the rest of the work & get your discount while you can!  We’re working away every weekend until this space is finished!



2 Responses to “Denver Fitness: Construction Progress”

    And so very exciting…nothing better then the smell of construction, fresh paint and a brand new gym. Why is Denver so far away.
    Sooooo happy for your new adventure.

    Miss you,

  2. Thanks Cindy!
    We need that kettlebell girl’s trip to Colorado to happen soon! I miss you all =)

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